Here you will find all of the paperwork necessary for our work together.   

Client Agreement - Priya - This form contains all of the logistical and legal aspects of the client-therapist relationship into which we are about to enter. Includes information about fees, insurance, what you can expect, and more. 

Client Information Sheet - This form provides me with all of the necessary information I would require should I need to contact you. 

Life History Questionnaire - This is a sort of written interview. I find that I can spend a lot of time in our initial sessions just getting the basics about you. This form allows me to collect that information in a way that doesn't detract from our time in person together. Some people spend a lot of time on this form and others complete it in a few minutes. However you fill it out, it will be useful as I get to know and understand you. 

Child History Questionnaire - This is a written interview designed to help me understand more about your child and his or her experiences growing up. You can decide how much time and energy you put into filling out this questionnaire - everyone approaches it differently. It is a very useful tool to help me get to know your child as I work toward understanding them and your family better. 

Assessment FAQ Form - This form provides you with some information (frequently asked questions) about the Therapeutic Assessment Process. If you're at all curious about this process, please review this document. 

HIPPA document - This form is for your review. 

Release of Information - Should I need to speak to other individuals regarding your treatment, you will need to fill out this form and return it to me.