It takes courage and humility to know when we need help. If you're reading this, you or someone you care about is in need of help. You have found your way here - a tremendous step - and I invite you to read below and on the accompanying pages to see if you think I may be the therapist for you. You have a choice in the therapist with whom you work and I offer free thirty-minute consultation services to give you time and space to figure out if we are a good fit.

Call me at (406) 662-1771 to set up an appointment. 


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What I offer:  


I offer a range of services to meet the needs of our small community. My training affords me the knowledge to understand human development (at all levels) as well as some of the fundamental aspects of the human experience; including trauma, grief, relationships, emotional regulation, and suffering. These elements - experiences which unite us all - guide my work as I help clients unpack their history, make sense of their story, and find meaning in their pain. Together, we heal from the past, moving toward a more successful future. 


What you can expect:  

My practice - rooted in rigorous clinical training - follows a pragmatic approach, honoring the wisdom of my clients and the power of healing relationships. That is, while my work is informed by empirically-based practices, I work with all clients to figure out what fits for them. My longstanding interest in Mindfulness, coupled with my knowledge of advances in our understanding of the brain, lead me to integrate mindfulness into my therapy practice. I do not believe in fixing people, but rather in helping them become the brightest versions of themselves. What does your brightest self look like? 



For more information about my services, please review the Confidentiality Statement / Service Agreement. 








Contact me: call: (406) 282-1017 or email me.